Driveway Sensor Alerts

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Driveway sensors are a growing a area of security for both residential and commercial application. The sensors battery lives are constantly becoming longer and with improving driveway sensor technologies false alarms are becoming less frequent all the time.

With the growing number of homes which are either built with sophisticated home automation or home security systems or existing home having these systems installed the use of driveway alarms is also increasing as every model can easily be tied into these systems using the built in alarm relays.

Driveway sensor types have been consistently improving with new ideas and models becoming available every year:

There are four types of driveway sensors to choose from:

Rubber Air Hose Driveway Sensors

These sensors only detect the weight of vehicles driving over them. These are ideal where the detection of people or animals is not desired, and where winter conditions will not disrupt the functionality of the the air hose.

Passive Infrared Driveway Sensors

Detect people walking, vehicles and large animals. These sensors are prone to false alarms from animals, birds etc.

Magnetic Probe Driveway Sensors

Will detect the moving metal vehicles only (magnetic metal detection). This is the perfect solution if you need to avoid detecting animals and people. These systems are virtually false alarm free if installed in an area where there is no other traffic or metal moving. The sensor probe may be located near any stationary metal such as fences, gates or even parked cars. It only triggers when the vehicle moves!

Photo Break Beam Sensors

A new driveway sensor technology which has become readily available is the use of photoelectric beams as sensors. These systems actually use two beams separated by several inches which both span the driveway. The system only sends an alert signal if both beams are broken simultaneously. This is great for users who would like to detect people as well as vehicles, but want to avoid the "nuisance" alarms from small animals and birds!

Listed below are our most popular driveway alarms and entry alerts. All of these driveway sensor systems have a relay output to allow users to connect external strobes, sirens, buzzers, door bells, chimes etc. Driveway alarm and entry alert systems are designed to easily enhance home security and automation systems. Why wait until someone breaks into your home to be alerted, when you can be notified as soon as they enter your property? Having your driveway lights or porch lights come on can act as an excellent deterrent to an intruder. We have many testimonials from our customers of being awoken in the night by their driveway chime and seeing the surprised intruder backing out of the driveway after unexpectedly seeing the house light up!

Driveway Sensor Comparison Driveway Alarms and Entry Alert Chart

Driveway Sensor Comparison Chart