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Driveway Sensor Alerts
DRIVEWAY SENSORS Driveway sensors are becoming more advanced and more reliable as the years go on. The lives of the batteries are longer, and the technologies false alarms are becoming less and less. As technology grows, so does home automation. Most houses now come with alarms and chimes in many different fashions. It ranges from sophisticated automation to simple home security. With alarm relays these technologies can be tied into the current automation at the place of residence/business. Four Types of Driveway Sensors Rubber Air Hose Driveway Sensor Passive Infrared Driveway Sensors Magnetic Probe Driveway Sensors Photo Break Beam Sensors Rubber Air Hose Driveway Sensor These sensors are what can be used for a large weight that passes over and can be tracked. This is a great sensor for situations that involve trespassing. If people and/or animals are not wanted, this device will help detect that. Passive Infrared Driveway Sensors Detect people walking, vehicles and large animals. The sensors tend to have false alarms from raccoons, rabbits, cats, birds and other animals that spend time around various dwellings. Magnetic Probe Driveway Sensors Metal vehicles only are able to be detected by magnetic probe sensors. If people and animals are not a worry and only large vehicles such as trucks, trailers are a problem, then this is the right probe for the job. This system is virtually false alarm free if installed in an area where no metal moving. It also only senses when the vehicle moves. Photo Break Beam Sensors One of the latest and newest driveway technologies is the photo break sensor. There are two beams that are separated by several inches which span the width of the driveway. The alert signal will be sent if both beams are broken simultaneously. This is great if you want to track people and vehicles but don’t care about nuisance false alarms from birds and other animals. Below is the Most Popular Driveway Alarms
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Magnetic Probes

Infrared Sensor

Rubber Air Hose


- Only detects vehicles

- Probe is buried and out of sight

- Detects both people and cars

- Simple to install

- Very easy to install

- Only detects heavy objects moving over it


- Slightly more difficult to install (buried)

- Lightening can cause false alarms

- Detects large animals and sometimes birds

- Can miss detection during heavy rain/fog

- Rubber hose can deteriorate

- Does not work effectively when under snow